Campaña MUV!2024

Poster and campaign for the MUV!2024 Festival in the Cabañal-Cañamelar neighborhood, Valencia

Kandimdim - Cover Art

A song by Lili del Sol and Manu Linois about the interior spaces of human beings and the importance of unity

Poster for Maison Blanche Café

Monthly posters of the cultural programming of the Maison Blanche Café, I have worked as its graphic artist since 2020.

Ubik Café: Poster 

Poster for the 15th anniversary of this café-bookstore.

Ubik Café: Brunch Menu

Illustration and design for brunch menu

Miguel Milá: Lo útil es bello.

Series of illustrations for Pocket Design Magazine by DXI. They depict renowned articles by the Catalan designer Miguel Milá.

Se Moja - Cover Art

This illustration, for the singer-songwriter Noslen Porrúa's song, depicts a metaphorical scene of rain in a puddle.

People from Here, People from There.

This is an ongoing project, a kind of bestiary featuring profiles of random individuals inspired by both reality and fiction, at times blurred and indistinguishable.

Before the First Sound - Album

Series of illustrations made for the Cuban singer-songwriter Carlo Fidel Taboada


Illustrated concert by the Cuban singer-songwriter Rey Pantoja

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