About me

I am a Cuban illustrator and graphic designer, currently based in Valencia, with a passion for pushing the boundaries of visual expression. My work is characterized by a focus on graphic experimentation with textures and a commitment to the deconstruction of form.

Over the course of my career, I've collaborated on diverse projects, creating visual narratives for Maison Blanche (Toulouse), 'A fin de Cuentos' publishing house (Bilbao), El Topo Tabernario (Seville), Pocket Design Guide (the official guide for Valencia Design Week), Festival MUV!, and Ubik Café - Librería (Valencia), where I showcased my solo exhibition 'Monte.'

My artistic journey has been marked by recognition, including being a finalist for the "Latin America Illustration Award (2023) and the Pictoline Illustration Biennial (2023). I've actively participated in international biennials such as The World After (2020), The 4th Block (2021), and the International Ocean Art Festival (2021-2022).

In addition to my personal and collective exhibitions, such as 'Sinestesia' (2020), 'Posters for the Future' (2021), '500 for the 500 of Havana' (2020), and a mention in "The sea that unites us" (2022), I have also contributed my design skills to impactful campaigns. Clients include esteemed institutions like the Martin Luther King Memorial Center, the Cultural Council of Spain in Cuba, and collaborations with independent media outlets such as Periodismo de Barrio, AM:PM magazine, Q de Cuir magazine. Furthermore, I've been part of noteworthy events like the Patria Grande Festival, the Maryland Nonprofits and MARFY Annual Conference, and the Longina Festival.

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